The Sky is Falling:  


A mixed and multimedia installation (in progress) in which a state of world despair is depicted – a state where the world tumbles into geo-political chaos. The installation raises socio-political questions about the state of the world today compared to the past, engendering a dialogue regarding despair, chaos and the nature of mankind.

Examples of what the installation will, among other works of art, include:

  • Mixed media collages influenced by a 1954 book in which, in a parallel world, the sky, and thus the world, is falling apart

  • Sculptures suspended from the ceiling

  • An audio recording of the reading of the 1954 book “The Sky is Falling”

  • The 1943 Chicken Little film

  • The recording and text of lyrics of a 1990 song entitled “Chicken Little”

© 2019  by Beth Erez 

Hod Hasharon, Israel

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